Go Dark, Shine Bright

The Go Dark, Shine Bright Campaign is for anyone with a desire to grow in their spiritual walk with Christ.

Believers of all ages are invited to join us in shifting the way we use our social media, so that the light of the Lord can shine more brightly through us. 

So, what does it mean to Go Dark and Shine Bright? 

A 10-Day social media fast and concert of prayer followed by a 10-Day Challenge to proclaim the Gospel.

“Go Dark”

 A 10-day social media fast where we set aside the distraction of social media and focus on Jesus. Christians from around the world will gather to pray, in a variety of physical locations as well as over Zoom. 

“Shine Bright”

After the 10-day social media fast, we then spend the next 10 days proclaiming Christ both online and in local communities in New England and beyond. 

Go Dark, Shine Bright is designed to strengthen your faith in the following ways:

  1. Declutter your mind by shutting off the non-stop stream of social media
  2. Connect with a community of believers to build up the body of Christ
  3. Proclaim the gospel to unbelievers in a way that combats negative media portrayals of Christianity

These simple, yet powerful activities have something to offer Christians of all ages and stages, whether it’s supporting children in developing basic Christian character, helping youth find an answer to the rise of anti-Christian philosophies on college campuses, or encouraging adults to deepen their devotion to Christ.

Over 20,000 believers joined us for Go Dark, Shine Bright in 2021. In 2022, our goal is to gather 50,000 Christ-followers to proclaim the gospel.

Another way you can offer your support is by spreading the word about Go Dark, Shine Bright. If you would like to involve your church or institution in the campaign, please contact [email protected].

Shine Bright 365 (Coming in June 2022)

Shine Bright 365 harnesses the momentum of the 20-day Go Dark, Shine Bright Campaign so you can continue to shine the light of Christ brightly throughout the year.

The Shine Bright 365 app is designed to help support you in cultivating specific virtues and maintaining your ongoing commitment to leading a flourishing spiritual life. This app allows you to set up daily goals and exercises, it helps encourage you, while helping you keep track of your progress.

Shine Bright 365 is available to anyone who supports The Shine Bright Project or our partner ministry, The D. L. Moody Center with a one-time gift of at least $100 or a monthly donation of at least $10. After receiving your donation, you will receive an invite code that you can enter into the Shine Bright 365 app where you can access a series of exercises aimed at helping you deepen, enhance, and expand your love of God and of others. 

Exercises include: 

  • Study of the Word with daily Bible readings
  • Reflections on personal sin and confession
  • Taking time for moments of praise, silence, and solitude 
  • Praying the scriptures
  • Cultivating friendships
  • Serving others
  • Bearing witness to the work of Jesus Christ

The app lets you go at your own pace, with resources that encourage and support you in reflecting on your spiritual path, facing the obstacles in your life, living the gospel in everything you do, and practicing looking with eyes that see and listening with ears that hear. 

Shine Bright 365 will helps you grow in your spiritual life, consider the obstacles you are facing, and develop short-term and long-term plans to begin looking with eyes that see and listening with ears that hear.