Social Media Resources


Go Dark, Shine Bright Social Media Resources

Below, you’ll find some social media resources you can post on your social media channels leading up to the social media fast.

Announcement Posts

These “announcement posts” are starter content you can use to announce that you’ve taken the
“Go Dark, Shine Bright” pledge. Double click (or long tap on your phone) to select and copy them, then paste them into your favorite social media app and personalize to make them your own.

Option #1
It’s time to take a break.
10 days with no social media, starting May 6th. I’m going to use those days to focus on God by spending time in prayer and reading the Bible. Will you join me? #GoDarkShineBright

Option #2
I’m not leaving for good, but I am going to take part in a
10-day social media fast called “Go Dark, Shine Bright” starting May 6th. For 10 days, I’m replacing social media with time spent with God. Will you join me? #GoDarkShineBright 

Option #3
On May 6th, the National Day of Prayer, I’m joining a 10-day social media fast. We’re going to spend our extra time in prayer and scripture reading instead of on social media. Join me! #GoDarkShineBright

Invitation Posts

Taking on a challenge like a social media fast is best done with friends! Use these suggested
“invitation posts” as a starting point for your own invitations to your friends and family to join you. Just double click or long press to select the text, then copy and paste.

Option #1
Join me in transforming our relationship with social media! It’s a 10-day social media fast called “Go Dark, Shine Bright” We’ll spend those 10 days with more time in prayer and in the scriptures so we can follow them shining bright for Jesus! Sign up at

Option #2
Are you ready for a break? Join me on the “Go Dark, Shine Bright” social media fast. For 10 days, we’ll take a break from social media so we can deepen our relationship with God. Sign up at

Option #3
Join me on May 6th (National Day of Prayer) as I start the “Go Dark, Shine Bright” social media fast. We’ll take a 10-day break from social media and turn our focus to scripture and prayer. Let’s do this together! Sign-up at

Images to Share

You are welcome to use these images on any social media site! On a computer you can right-click and save the image, and on a mobile device you can tap the image, then long press to save it.

Profile Pictures

One easy way to spread the word about “Go Dark, Shine Bright” is to use one of these images for your profile picture! Right click to download to your computer or tap the picture and then use a long press to save it to your phone.