The Shine Bright Project

The Shine Bright Project is a Christian ministry that works in conjunction with the
D.L. Moody center and is devoted to helping believers focus on their relationship with Christ, grow in their faith with the help of our online challenges and learn how to
share the uncomplicated gospel.

As Christians, we are in a constant battle against all the distractions of this world.
Modern life is complicated, but the message of the gospel is simple.

Go Dark,
Shine Bright

The Go Dark, Shine Bright Campaign is for
anyone with a desire to grow in their spiritual
walk with Christ.

Believers of all ages are invited to join us in shifting the way we use our social media, so that the light of the Lord can shine more brightly through us.

A 10-Day social media fast and concert of
prayer followed by a 10-Day Challenge to
proclaim the Gospel.

Shine Bright 365

Shine Bright 365 harnesses the momentum of the 20-day Go Dark, Shine Bright Campaign so you can continue to shine the light of Christ brightly throughout the year.

The Shine Bright 365 app is designed to help support you in cultivating specific virtues and maintaining your ongoing commitment to leading a flourishing spiritual life. This app allows you to set up daily goals and exercises, it helps encourage you, while helping you keep track of your progress.


Nine Biblical Themes for Proclaiming the Good News to a World that Needs to Hear It

Themes covered:
Goodness and Order, Distrust and Rebellion, Turmoil and Confusion, Revelation and Obedience, Deception and Falsehood, Sin and Flesh, Faith and Salvation, Witness and Endurance, Hasten and Hope